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Cricket Rebounder


Made of Steel tube, powder coated for durability. Foldable side arms and horizontal uprights for easy carriage, storage and transport. It can be used both indoors & outdoors, comes with anti-skid & antimarking floor guard. Packed flat to reduce volume. Size: 100cm x 100cm

  Code -   Specification
  AS-8809 -  19mm Pipe - Trainer model
  AS-8810 -   32mm Pipe - Official model

Multi Trainer


Made of 32mm steel tubing with 5 angle adjustment. Different mesh size nets on both sides. Usable for multi sport trainer.

  Code -   Specification
  AS-8811 -   100 x 100 cm



Made of 25mm single frame steel tubing easy to hold with two handles. Strong reaction net.

  Code -   Specification
  AS-8812 -   Junior 50cm x 50cm
  AS-8813 -   Senior 100cm x100cm