Rhythmic Gymnasti

Goal post

Rhythemic Ball


Rhythmic Gymnastics balls with attractive color shades.

  Code -  Specification
  AS-9747 -  19cm 420g
  AS-9748 -   16.50cm 320g

Gymnastic Clubs


Heavy Duty Rhythmic Gymnastic Plastic Clubs. Available in assorted Colors

  Code -  Specification
  AS-9749 -   44 cms, 160 gms
  AS-9750 -   36cm

Gymnastic Bars


25mm Strong Heavy Duty PVC Bars with caps at ends.

  Code -  Specification
  AS-9751 -  R/B/G/Y 80 cms
  AS-9752 -   R/B/G/Y 100 cms

Gymnastic Sand Flags


The sewn sand weighted flags used for Rhythm Gymnastics and Dance programme. Available in Assorted Colors

  Code -  Specification
  AS-9753 -   Multi 40 x 40 cms Set of 3.
  AS-9754 -   Multi 65 x 65 cms Set of 10.
  AS-9755 -   Multi 140 x 140 cms Set of 6.

Gymnastic Ribbons


White fiber glass stick with swivel clip fixed to hold solid color gym ribbons used for Rhythm Gymnastic and Dance programme.

  Code -  Specification
  AS-9756 -  6 meters
  AS-9757 -  4 meters
  AS-9758 -  6 meters with rainbow colors
  AS-9759 -  Ribbon only.
  AS-9760 -  Stick only