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Orienteering Punches . .


Orienteering Punches are available in three different series, A and B and C. Each series contains ten unique punches, offering 30 unique pin configurations that give an excellent way for orienteering teams and individuals to mark score cards when competing at all levels of the sport. Each box has 10 different punch patterns.

  Code -  Specification
  AS- 9230 -  Series A
  AS- 9231 -   Series B
  AS- 9232 -  Series C

Marker Regular


Strong nylon triangular orienteering markers with string & plastic fixing hook for easy hanging.

  Code -  Specification
  AS- 9233 -  30cm x 30cm
  AS- 9234 -  30cm x 30cm with inner pocket 10 x 6cm
  AS- 9235 -  15cm x 15cm
  AS- 9254 -  6cm x 6cm
  AS- 9255 -   80cm x 80cm

Orienteering Marker Neon


Triangular orienteering markers made with strong reflective neon nylon cloth with string & plastic fixing hook for easy hanging. The reflective print makes it an ideal marker to use during night orienteering. Can be used both day & night

  Code -  Specification
  AS- 9237 -  30cm x 30cm
  AS- 9238 -  15cm x 15cm
  AS- 9239 -   6cm x 6cm
  AS- 9256 -   80cm x 80cm
  AS- 9257 -   30cm x 30cm with inner pocket 10cm x 6cm

Wrist Clue Sheet Holder


Wrist clue Sheet holder to put along the arm, hold with two velcro strips for fast handling, detachable thumb grip. Firmly secured to wrist/forearm by two adjustable 370mm long straps

  Code -  Specification
  AS- 9246 -   18cm x 7cm