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Agility Rings - Flat


18” Flat Rings in Red, Yellow, Green & Blue colors. Rings can be adjusted to change direction and angle. Easy to fold and packed in a mesh carry bag

  Code -   Specification
  AS- 8636 -   Set of 12 rings
  AS- 8637 -   Set of 12 rings with Velcro holder

Agility Rings - Decagon


Decagon shaped Flat Rings suitable for agility training

  Code -  Specification
  AS- 8638 -  Set of 10 rings

Agility Rings - Pro


24’’ rings with 3-sponge balls ideal for agility footwork training. These PVC balls give perfect height required for ultimate step training.

  Code -  Specification
  AS- 8639 -  Individual Piece
  AS- 8640 -  Set of 6 in a bag