LYGER Sports Products & Equipment

LYGER by Abnashi is a well-established brand in the global marketplace of sports products. We are pioneers in incorporating the latest AI and ML-driven technologies and process methodologies through continuous advancement in different verticals- outsourcing raw material, manufacturing, quality testing, packaging, storage, dispatch, supply-chain management, etc. 
Advancement at Abnashi Sports takes care of all the concerns of workers’ safety as well

Our sport equipment manufacturing unit spread across acres, is developed as per the latest norms of the Indian government with taking care of all the concerns for the environment. The green environment has always been our prime concern while planning for expansion and advancement. 
All sports goods, equipment, and accessories are manufactured in a healthy environment.

The ever-expanding infrastructure of Abnashi Sports includes dedicated sections for purchase and accounts, administration/management, raw material storage, R&D, manufacturing, testing, packaging, final product storage, dispatch, etc. All the machines and equipment used for manufacturing sports products and accessories at Abnashi Sports are of the modern age to maximize our quality productivity at minimum production cost.

Participation in major exhibitions and trade shows, in India and abroad, helps us to reach our clients personally and understand their requirements in a true sense. We keep improving our product development policies and customer-support model based on the insights collected during 1:1 communication and conferences. Today, we offer maximum diversity in our sports products portfolio ranging from primary play products to speed training and track & field equipment to orienteering game accessories. .