Elementary Play

Elementary Play Products Manufactured & Supplied By Abnashi Sports

Playing equipment in elementary schools are of great importance because these contribute to kids’ cognitive, emotional, social, and physical well-being. Children need to stay engaged in different activities of their interest during school hours in addition to classroom learning. Most elementary schools are emphasising to have safe arrangements and play/game products to conduct indoor and outdoor games, unstructured and structured activities, solo and group games, creative activities, and so on.

Abnashi Sports is widely known for manufacturing premium quality elementary play products that are 100% safe for kids. Being the prominent manufacturer of elementary play products and games for kids, we offer a wide range of products to keep the kids busy in enjoying their school time. The reasonably priced elementary games for play schools, we manufacture and supply with a quality guarantee, can be divided into three categories-

Free Play
Children are free to play as they wish but teachers/parents remain as observers
Guided Play
Teachers/parents collaborate with children to let them enjoy the play activity the most
Playful Teaching
The teachers/parents conduct the play while engaging children to learn with functionalities

The more-in-demand game products for elementary play being supplied nationwide by us are-

Movement & Balancing: Squish Steppers, Massage Balls, Squish Stones, Twirl Walk, Balancing See- saw, Walking Cylinders, Balance Your Stand, Walking Beams, Walking Stairs, etc.

Tunnel: Obstacle Tunnel, Wheel Tunnel, U Shape Tunnel, Kids Tunnel - 4 Way, Kids Tunnel-1 Way, etc.

Throw & Catch: Hopscotch, Catch And Balance Set, Target Toss, Floor Tic Tac Toe, Target Wheel, Sticky Vests, Soft Cubes Balls, Throw And Target, etc.

Floor Markers: Exercise Set, Octa Floor Markers, Disc Floor Marker, Marking Disc, Starz Markers, Triangle Markers, Square Markers, Corner Markers, Etc.

Bean bags: Soft Cubic Dice, Numbered Shape, Saucer Bean Bags, Soft Bean Bags, Mathematical Symbols, Fruits, Bugs Bean Bags, etc.

The other games for elementary schools are juggling dance, jumping sacks, parachutes, team bands, etc. Each elementary play product, we supply, is uniquely designed to enhance the presentation and engagement up to the particular objective.