Abnashi Sports: Manufacturer and Supplier of Trendy Swimming Accessories,

Three decades old manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of sports equipment and accessories, Abnashi Sports offers complete range of swimming accessories. Over the years, Abnashi Sports has become the top choice of swimming trainers and swimmers to buy diving toys, diving rings, underwater hoops, safety accessories, pool games, backstroke flags, swimming lanes and more. We manufacture swimming equipment and accessories from the quality best material with no compromise with world-class norms.

Being the top-ranking manufacturer of swimming accessories, we have the best designers and product specialists who make swimming more fashionable, safe, and awarding. The colorful designs of
LYGER branded diving toys, diving rings, underwater hoops, and swimming lanes make the swimming events more attractive, pleasing, and glamorous. Whatsoever swimming product, you are looking for to buy either to use or to retail, we have the best to deliver at a competitive price.

We have been wholesale supplier of swimming equipment and accessories for institutions, pool clubs, training camps, and event organizers over the decades.

Being the customer-oriented supplier of swimming accessories, we keep expanding our swimming product profile to facilitate our customers to buy the best product for the particular needs. We offer customization facility also; therefore, you can ask us for manufacturing swimming products with particular logo or design. The key swimming accessories, we are supplying and exporting, are-

Diving Toys: Fun Diving Shapes, Test Swing, Dive Coins, Swim Egg Flip, Dive Fish, Diving Sticks, Etc
Diving Rings: Diving Bricks, Floating Rings, Sinker Ring Transparent, Pool Noodle, etc
Safety Accessories : Swimming Chute, Quick Drying Bag, Pull Bouys, Kick Board, Safety Rope, Life Saving Bag, etc
Underwater Hoops: Slaloms, Hoops With Weights, Hoop Tunnel, Swim Hoop Set, etc
Backstroke Flags: False Start Installation, Turning Point Installation, etc
Swimming Lanes: Swimming Lane – Outdoor, Swimming Lane –Training, Swimming Lane – Donuts, etc
Pool Games: Mini Water Polo Goal, Water Basketball Goal, Water Volleyball Goal, Water Basketball, etc
Abnashi Sports- The Trendsetter for Swimming Accessories