Below is the clarification about our (Abnashi Sports) Cookies policy
What are Cookies?

Cookies are the small data files containing information like the usernames and passwords exchanged between the user's device and web server to identify the users. This policy agreement is an extension of the ‘Terms and Conditions’ agreement. It is being stated here to clarify our Cookies policy with the intention to make the use of http://www.abnashi.com/secure and transparent.

Why do we use cookies?

The collected data Cookies facilitate us to know our users’ behavior. We also analyze collected Cookies data to get insights to improve users’ on-the-page experience continually. Use of any part of Abnashi Sports website will be taken as your acceptance to our ‘cookies policy’ as well as our ‘terms and conditions and ‘privacy policy.

Types of Cookies Abnashi Sports Can Store and Use
Necessary Cookies

The database of collected necessary cookies helps us to improve your experience of visiting our website. We are committed to delivering seamless browsing and usage experience to every user of the Abnashi Sports website; therefore, we continually update features and functionalities. The insights gained from the collected cookies guide us to advance the security and performance of the Abnashi Sports website for our user’s convenience.

Functional Cookies

The functional cookies allow us to manage the Abnashi Sports website in line with the analyzed online behavior of our website users. We use functional cookies also to stop the users’ activities that may violate or violate our policies and other usage agreements. The functional cookies also help us to improve the page experience of users across the website.

Analytical Cookies

The analytical cookies help us to develop a database this is used for statistical purposes. The deep data analysis delivers us real-time insights about- how you use the Abnashi Sports website. The analytical cookies do not contain personal information i.e. users’ email addresses or names.

Third-party Cookies

The Abnashi Sports website has several links to other websites and you may be drifted to those websites. All the linked websites have their own cookies policies (3rd party cookies), and we are not responsible for any dispute raised because you visit these websites. However, we try to identify 3rd party cookies before you use these websites; you have the liberty to accept or not to accept the 3rd party cookies.

How to Delete Cookies

While landing at Abnashi Sports website, you get the option to accept or deny the cookies. In case, you do not want Abnashi Sports to collect the cookies regarding your visit any further, you can delete the stored cookies by accessing your browser settings. If you deny the acceptance to cookies or disable cookies through your browser setting, still, you can visit Abnashi Sports as usual but with certain limits for the use of some features and functionality.

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